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Novelty Songs

  • Woke Up A Little Woozy (Wake Up Little Suzie)
  • Gilligan's Island
  • I Shop At BiWay (My Way)
  • I'm Your Mailman
  • 10-Inch Record
  • There Was An Old Farmer
  • Pukin' Out My Backdoor (Lookin' Out My Backdoor)
  • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Mastabeta (Macarena)
  • I Couldn't Spell !#?&#!
  • Why Don't We Get Drunk...
  • Please Don't Bury Me
  • Rawhide
  • 50 Ways To Cleave Your Lover
  • Workin' At The Walmart Blues
  • Hawaii 5-0
  • If I Had A 12-Inch Penis (If I Had A Million Dollars)
  • The Love Boat
  • Wings (Things)
  • Horrible Tonight (Wonderful Tonight)
  • Five Drunken Nights
  • Sonny's Wet Dream
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Dolly Parton's !?#$!
  • Living On Weed And Vodka (Living La Vida Loca)
  • Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
  • I've Seen Pubic Hair
  • I'm A Man
  • Hard-On Tonight (Heartache Tonight)
  • Bestiality's Great (Tie My Kangaroo Down)
  • You've Lost My Lovely Penis (You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling)
  • Abracadabra (The Viagra Song)
  • At Last At Peddler's... (Barrett's Privateers)
  • The Colo-Rectal Surgeon's Song
  • King Of The Road
  • Sudbury Saturday Night
  • Day-O
  • Wasn't That A Party
  • Iko Iko
  • La Cucaracha
  • Man Smart, Woman Smarter
  • Blame It On The Bossa Nova
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Minnie The Moocher
  • Bud The Spud

the Swell Guys -  Beach  Party the Swell Guys -  Oompah the Swell Guys -  Formal
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the Swell Guys -  Beach  Party the Swell Guys -  Oompah
the Swell Guys -  Formal
the Swell Guys - At the Hop
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