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Meet the Aviators

The Aviators is a high flying pop-rock band with strong vocals and excellent musicianship. Concentrating on material by the best of contemporary artists as well as past favourites for all ages, this group delivers the kind of music that is fun to listen and dance to.

Who are the Aviators?
Alex Vaughan (guitar, keyboards & vocals)
Ken MacKay (woodwinds & vocals)
Scott Ferguson (drums & vocals)
Donna Scaglione
John Chiasson (bass & vocals)

Alex Vaughan
(guitar, keyboards & vocals)

Hailing from Windsor, NS (the birthplace of hockey!), Alex began playing guitar and piano when he was 8 years old and started writing songs shortly thereafter. At 17, he was runner-up in the NS Government's "Listen to the Sounds" contest. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Alex enjoys playing many styles of music. Besides the Aviators, he performs in the Dixie Rovers, the Swell Guys and the East Coast Music award-winning children's duo "Audrey & Alex". Alex won the 1st annual CBC Atlantic Song Contest in 1984 as well as the "Celebrate Our Music" contest in 1998. His leadership, musical experience and odd collection of sneakers enable the aviators to handle any request!

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Ken MacKay
(woodwinds & vocals)

'Diverse' is the word best used to describe Ken's musical background. A native of Truro, NS, the list of his professional credits is impressive. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Al Martino, Max Weinberg (Conan O'Brien), the Temptations and jazz/blues guitarist Robben Ford are just a few of the artists Ken has performed with. He is also one of the most popular music educators in the greater Halifax area. Ken's ability to play a variety of musical styles combined with his rollicking personality has established him as one of the most exciting sax players in Eastern Canada. Credit for the Aviators' dance steps also goes to this well-rounded guy!

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Scott Ferguson
(drums & vocals)

Ontario born and Cape Breton raised ('homeville' to be exact), Scott is a graduate of the St. Francis Xavier jazz program where he completed an honours degree in music performance. After moving to Halifax in 1984, Scott performed with jazz artists Peter Appleyard, Oliver Jones and Warren Chiasson and later broadened his horizons to work with such diverse talents as Ronnie Prophet, Catherine McKinnon, Symphony Nova Scotia, Joan Kennedy and, most recently, the Rankin Family. In 1985, Scott received a Canada Council Grant to study his craft in Toronto with well-known drum instructor, Jim Blackney. Scott holds the Aviator record for the "most consecutive meals"!

As well as being an accomplished drummer Scott runs Ferguson Music Productions located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. With a strong combination of current technology and years of professional experience you can be sure of top quality, yet surprisingly affordable results.

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Donna Scaglione

Born and raised in Sydney, Cape Breton, Donna originally left to persue a stint in the military. But, after four years, life took her in a very different direction. She now boasts a full and varied musical career. From her impressive Marilyn Monroe show, to lending vocal talents to such acts as the Aviators and Ladies in Blue, she shines on whatever stage she lands. Donna also keeps busy lending her time and talents supporting her local music community. She hosts and participates in many civic and charity events, as well as volunteers on many music and entertainmemt committees. She even lends her voice to a local independent radio station where she continues to radiate her love of music. Donna is also looking to further grow as an artist through her songwriting and even hopes to release a solo CD in the near future. Both her parents said very early on that "Donna was vaccinated with a phonograph needle!"

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John Chiasson (bass & vocals)

Born and, for 5 weeks, raised in Lesoto, South Africa, John relocated to various cities and towns all across Canada before settling in Antigonish at age 12. His first stage appearances were in musical plays in high school and with the St. Francis Xavier stage band while studying music at St. F.X.. After moving to Halifax in 1981, he freelanced with such people as Frank MacKay, Lenny Gallant, the Floorboards and currently, the Rankin Family. John won a Juno award with the Rankin Family band as "entertainer of the year" and he arranged the ECMA-nominated single, "The River", for Cookie Rankin. His own solo album " Here in the Moonlight" was also nominated for an ECMA in 1998.

Order John Chiasson - Here in the Moonlight Here in the Moonlight

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For bookings or more information, contact
Alex Vaughan at: Phone: (902) 435-0618
Fax: (902) 442 - 1202
Snail Mail: 137 Green Village Lane,
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4V5